Ex-soldier shoots 6 people to death

An ex-soldier killed six and injured two people in Barangay Gadgaran, City, on Tuesday afternoon. 

According to an initial investigation by police, the suspect was identified as Glenn Balonan, a former soldier.

The suspect suddenly bullets that hit some of his neighbors and several bystanders.

The victims were identified as Carlo Saldania, Garry Saldania, Jalita Ramada, Vicente Lozano, Jimmy Jadulco, and Leopoldo Molat. Humphrey Tacaldo and Janine Barreto were wounded.

The police immediately responded to the scene wherein the authorities and the ex-soldier exchanged fires.

The suspect was hit in different parts of his body. He was taken to the hospital but later died. 

Authorities continue to investigate the incident. The motive of the crime is still undetermined.

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Mother who killed her 3 daughters charged

Police filed charges against the mother who allegedly hacked her three daughters to death in Basud, Camarines Norte, on Thursday. 

The victim’s father filed a multiple parricide lawsuit against his 28-year-old wife in the prosecutor’s office, Basud police said. The suspect was reportedly suffering from post-partum depression.

According to the investigation, there was no forcible entry or someone else home when the mother allegedly hacked her children.

Police identified the children as Mitzuki, 5; Zuyen, 1-year-old, and 8 months; and Zoe, a four-month-old baby.

After killing the three victims, the suspect also stabbed herself, Calubaquib said.

Responders rushed the suspect and her children to Camarines Norte Provincial Hospital in Daet town, Camarines Norte, for medical treatment. Unfortunately, the attending physician declared the three girls dead on-arrival. 

The mother, meanwhile, was still undergoing medical treatment at the hospital.

The father came from a job as a construction worker when he found his family in a pool of blood, Wednesday morning. 

Authorities have requested a psychiatric evaluation from Camarines Norte Provincial Hospital to determine if the mother is really suffering from post-partum depression.

The mother is now in good condition at the hospital. The police are also monitoring her.

The court will determine whether the mother will be detained or treated, according to police.

The children’s remains are set to be buried on Saturday.