Ex-senator Jinggoy Estrada gives away milk fish, arrested for violating ECQ

Jinggoy Estrada arrested
Estrada arrested for violating ECQ. (Image from PEP.ph)

Former senator Estrada was arrested Sunday after he allegedly broke ECQ protocols when he distributed relief goods in San Juan City.

According to reports, Estrada, son of former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, did not coordinate and acquired permission from the city’s local government.

San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora confirmed the reports and said anyone who wished to distribute relief goods should follow the strict directives of the national and local governments on mass gatherings.

Zamora also clarified that he did not quarrel with Estrada nor with anyone who wanted to give aid to the San Juan residents.

A video of Estrada’s staff showed at least 100 people from Barangay Salapan violated social distancing measures as they lined up for the milkfish or “bangus” and other good the ex-senator was distributing.

The police then arrived while Estrada was handing out the fish. The enforcers then invited him to San Juan police station.

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Estrada arrested for violating ECQ

City police chief Col. Jaime Santos explained to the ex-senator that he was nabbed for violating social distancing protocols.

“We have reports and photos as well that guidelines of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) were violated,” Santos said.

Zamora cited Estrada has been doing the relief goods operation around different barangays for weeks without securing a permit for the San Juan city government.

“Under ECQ rules, individuals are required to seek permits from the city government,” Zamora said in a television interview. “If he really wanted to help the residents, the DILG (Department of the Interior and Local Government) requires any individual or organization to get certification to ensure compliance with quarantine measures.”

Estrada accused Zamora of singling him out to secure his electoral bid for 2022. Estrada served as the city’s mayor from 1992 to 2001. His daughter, Janella, lost to Zamora in last year’s elections.

The Eastern Police District said Estrada was released last night. Police said he was neither detained nor charged.