Former director Rory Quintos also an energy healer

Rory Quintos is known as the director of some of the most successful films, such as “Dubai” and television shows, such as “Pangako Sa’Yo” and “The Legal Wife.”

But unknown to many, Quintos is also an energy healer.

In an interview on Teleradyo’s ‘Hapinay’ program, Quintos said that she started being an energy healer after she contracted dengue in 2010.

“Noong 2010, muntik na akong namatay sa dengue… pero na-save ako because of energy healing. So siyempre, after an experience like that, I decided to become an energy healer,” said Quintos.

Even when she was a director, Rory Quintos allegedly practiced energy healing, where she said a person could be healed through energy in the body.

“That was like my secret life behind directing,” said Quintos.

“Hini-heal namin ‘yong tao through breathing exercises, meditations, and healing protocols, healing energy work, to make the person feel good,” she explained.

But now, Quintos is focused on treatment after leaving the entertainment industry last year due to the closure of ABS-CBN.

The former director is now based at a center of energy healers of the World Institute for Incurable Diseases in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur.

Former director Rory Quintos also an energy healer

According to Quintos, he specializes in treating people going through depression and anxiety.

When it comes to COVID-19, asymptomatic to moderate cases were treated for 12 sessions.

It is said that the treatment is more extended when it comes to severe cases, especially if the patient has or other diseases. Sometimes it is up to 30 sessions or takes several months.

No studies can prove that COVID-19 can be treated entirely with this alternative or non-traditional healing method. This detail was also not discussed in the statement to Quintos.

Rory Quintos is also a vegetarian, especially since their energy healers need to have a healthy lifestyle.

“You have to kind of maintain a very clean physical body,” she said.

“I was taking hypertension medicine for 18 years tapos noong pumunta ako dito… hini-heal nila ako, in 2 months, nawala na ‘yong hypertension medicine ko,” she added.

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