Escaped prisoner snared after warden posed as woman to set honey trap

escaped prisoner
Laguna Provincial Jail Warden Marino Garcia posed as an unhappily married woman to spring his trap

An escaped prisoner has been recaptured after his jail warden pretended to be a woman to set a honey trap.

Laguna Provincial Jail Warden Marino Garcia told the Philippines News Agency how he had the inspiration after managing to track down the cellphone number of the fugitive Rio Amihan Mahilom.


He then adopted the persona of a lady called Maricel Gomez and began texting the 30-year-old, who was one of six prisoners who broke out of jail on October 29 last year.

Beginning on December 30, the sharp-witted warden conjured the image of an attractive 32-year-old woman, unhappily married to a much older man and looking for fun.

After just a couple days of increasingly flirtatious chat, the escaped prisoner, a native of Bohol, agreed to meet up with his new love interest on Tuesday (December 2).


The venue for their romantic rendezvous was set (where else?) as the Superlines Bus Terminal in Calamba City, Laguna.

True to his word, the love-struck fugitive arrived as agreed. At that moment warden Garcia pounced, handcuffing Mahilom and revealing his cunning deception.

Mahilom is the fifth escaped prisoner to be recaptured so far. He was among the most wanted as it was he who seen on CCTV grabbing an M-16 Armalite rifle from a jail guard during the prison break from Laguna provincial jail in Santa Cruz.

Mahilom was also caught on camera holding the rifle few hours later while in Los Baños during his escape with two of the other prisoners.

The fugitive is now facing charges of illegal possession of explosives, robbery, frustrated murder and grave threats.

The last remaining fugitive from the jail break is Rayman Raymundo, who was in jail facing a murder charge.

The last time a Laguna law-enforcer hit the news for using his cell phone, the story was much less positive. In November 2015, we reported how a cop was fired after he was caught playing a game on his phone, rather than listening to a young woman’s crime complaint.

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