Eraserheads lead guitarist accused of abusing daughter

Eraserheads lead guitarist accused of abusing daughter
Singer Syd Hartha accuses Eraserheads lead guitarist and father of abusing her. (Image from PUSH.COM.PH)

Eraserheads former lead guitarist Marcus Adoro accused of abusing her daughter and beating up his partner actress Barbara Ruaro.

On September 12, Adoro’s daughter and singer Syd Hartha opened up about the abuse she experienced from her father.


In a Facebook post, Syd shared:

Sa labinlimang taon ng buhay kong wala siya upang gumanap na ama sa akin, sobrang dami kong tanong tungkol sa kanya at wala na akong ibang ginusto kundi makilala ‘yung iba ko pang mga kadugo at siyempre, malaman ang pakiramdam na makasama siyang sinasabi nilang tunay kong ama,” she said.

(In the 15 years of my life that he wasn’t there to be a father to me, I had so many questions about him, and I wanted nothing else but to get to know my other family, and of course, to know what it feels like to be with the man they tell me is my real father).


She did not mention any specific person, but she seemed to be referring to her father, Marcus Adoro.

Syd said she spent almost a year with him and fully understood why her other relatives tried to keep her away from him.

Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan iba’t ibang klase ng abuso na dinanas ko sa kanya. Kaya pala ako nilalayo ng nanay ko at iba pang mga kamag-anak ko sa kanya. Kaya pala,” she posted.

(I will not forget all the kinds of abuse that I experienced from him. That explains why my mother and other relatives kept me away from him. That’s why.)

Daughter refers father and Eraserheads lead guitarist as “Makoy”

Syd continued to recall the abuse she experienced from whom she called “Makoy.”

“Hindi lang isang beses na sinaktan niya ako nang pisikal. tinatama niya ulo ko sa pader; kahit sa harap ng kaibigan ko o kapag nakatalikod nanay ko.. I never realized then na I might be interrupting his karma. I should’ve done better but I know I tried to help myself as much as I could.”

(Not just once did he hurt me physically. He hits my head against the wall; even in front of my friend or when my mom turned away. I never realized then that I might be interrupting his karma. I should’ve done better, but I know I tried to help myself as much as I could.)

Syd ended her post with a warning to everyone and called “Makoy” a monster.

Hanggang ngayon, araw-araw kong bitbit ‘yung takot na baka mangyari ulit ito sa akin o sa kahit sino man. Sana magsilbi itong gabay sa lahat. This monster could be anywhere now doing who else knows what. Let’s watch out for each other,” she wrote.

(Until now, every day, I carry the fear that this may all happen to me again, or to someone else. I hope this serves as a warning for everyone.)

Eraserheads was one of the most famous rock bands in the Philippines, especially in the ’90s. The group disbanded in 2002.

Marcus Adoro has not released any statement regarding the accusations yet.

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