Enormous squid caught off Tawi-Tawi believed to be just a baby

Curious villagers crowd around the enormous squid captured in the waters off Tawi-Tawi Island. Photograph by Kevin Guevara.

An enormous squid landed on the southern island of Tawi-Tawi is believed to have been a youngster — with much more growing yet to do.

The huge specimen was hauled ashore in Sibutu town last weekend. It soon attracted a fascinated crowd who later enjoyed a feast of calamari.


A tape measured was used to confirm the creature was more than eight feet long. This made it the largest ever recorded in the region.

Eyewitness Harold Eduardo Curtis said: “I know the fisherman who caught this squid. It was hard for him to bring it in because of the weight.

“The beautiful feature of this was how clean it was, how bright and white. It was very healthy and still young. The meat will taste very good.


“This is the biggest I have ever seen caught here. it looks like it is from a family of large squid, so there will be more out in the ocean of this size and maybe even bigger.”

According to a report by GMA News, the giant squid was the third of its kind caught by the fisherman, but easily the largest so far.

The catch is by no means the largest on record. Colossal squid, or Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, can grow to lengths of up to 50ft. It is also believed that even larger specimens lurk in the deepest depths of the ocean, but the existence of such monsters is yet to be scientifically verified.

The residents of Tawi-Tawi are no strangers to giant sea creatures. Last September we reported on the capture of a 17ft saltwater crocodile. The beast was taken into the care of the municipal government, but it is not known what became of it.

Watch a video of the squid here.