British woman is latest tourist to report attempted rape in El Nido this year

attempted rape
Police photograph.

A British woman has reported an attempted rape in El Nido — the third such case in the Palawan resort town so far this year.

The English tourist, aged 29, told police that was walking through an alley at her hotel in the early hours of yesterday (Wednesday, April 10) when he was attacked.


She described how she was able to flee the scene after the attacker had begun to tear off her clothes. 

Officers from El Nido Police Station are now investigating and hunting for the suspect, ABS-CBN has reported. The woman’s identity has been withheld.

As we reported last month, a 43-year old was arrested for the attempted rape of a Spanish tourist in the popular tourist town.


Police said Melecio Cahilig met his victim during a drinking session at a bar at about 2.30am on Monday, March 11.

He reportedly offered to let her rest at his house before returning to her hotel. According to the victim, Cahilig started to “take advantage of her” while she was sleeping on the floor of his home.

“The victim tried to struggle and defend herself but the suspect choked her and pointed a knife on her neck and threatened to kill,” a police report read.

However, the Spanish tourist was able to escape after hitting Cahilig and jumping out of a window. 

Previously, in February, a trike driver in the town was jailed for up to 20 years less than a week after he admitted raping an Irish tourist.

In a rare example of swift justice, Perry Gaspe was sentenced by a court on February 19 following the attack on February 13.

In this case, the 21-year-old tourist had been returning by trike from a night out with two friends, who were staying at a different guesthouse.

When the trike arrived at the Elternative Hostel at 4am the trike driver offered to help his victim find her room.

However, before they arrived, he attacked and raped her in a dark alleyway.

Gaspe escaped after the attack and the victim contacted her friends for help. Together, they went to the El Nido Police Station to report the incident.

Police immediately launched a manhunt that led to the arrest of Gaspe just two hours later.

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