Energy companies to build first tidal power plant in Sorsogon


It will be a first for the Philippines when the plant is built in Sorsogon

Sabella SAS, a French firm and H&WB Asia Pacific (Pte Ltd.) Corp. will jointly build the first ocean tidal wave power plant project in the Philippines.

The two energy development companies sign a memorandum of agreement on October 14th for the development and financing of the project.


The two have given the green light to produce a total of four ocean energy service projects – one in San Bernardino Strait between Matnog, Sorsogon, One in Capul and Dalupiri, Leyte as well as a final one in Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

The first tidal plant to be built will be the one in Sorsogon Province and consist of a 5-megawatt demonstration plant.

The firms said the demonstration plant is part of a commitment to pursue renewable energy within the country.


The project is also consistent with the Philippines and French climate change initiatives – the plant is described as a ‘scaleable proof of concept’ that would allow the ramping-up of tidal in-stream energy conversion technologies next year.

Tidal in-stream energy is generated when streams of water flow between landmasses as a result of tidal height differences.

“Tidal energy resource is considered more predictable and consistent than wave energy resource, and even wind for that matter,” H&WB said.

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