Live electric wires found under beach where Swede was ‘electrocuted’

electric wires
The on Alona beach where 59-year-old Bengt Gustaf Ludvig Linné dropped down dead last May. When his girlfriend went to his assistance, she claimed that suffered an electric shock. This was ruled out by a police autopsy just a few days later, which recorded cardiac arrest as cause of death. Now, underground electric cables have been discovered in the locality.

Electric wires have been discovered beneath a Panglao beach where a Swedish man’s sudden death was blamed on electrocution by his girlfriend.

As we reported last May, 59-year-old Bengt Gustaf Ludvig Linné dropped down dead outside the Hidden Dream Resort in Barangay Tawala, Alona. 

When his girlfriend, Nemia Dagsaan Baylen, rushed to the area of wet pathway where he was lying, she reported receiving an electric shock, but survived.

However, four days later an autopsy report by the Bohol Police Provincial Office was published, that poured scorn on the possibility of an electric shock. 

The document said the death was caused by “sudden cardiac death, left ventrical hypertrophy”. It concluded: “There is no sign that the victim was electrocuted based on the allegation of his girlfriend.”

electric wires
The police autopsy report specifically ruled out the girlfriend’s report that she had suffered an electric shock at the place her boyfriend had dropped down dead.

However, the Bohol Chronicle has reported today that the Environmental Management Bureau discovered PVC pipes containing electric wires beneath land along the Alona Beach.

The discovery was made due to suspicions that there were underground conduits in the area that were “discreetly” pumping into the sea.

Now, the Municipal Engineering Office in Panglao has declared the presence of underground electrical wires a hazard to the public.

“It was hazardous, especially since it was a live wire,” said municipal engineer Rogelio Bunao.

Mr Bunao has advised that the pipes be removed to avert accidents such as electrocution.

The name of the where the wires were discovered has not been announced, and further investigations into other resorts in the area are set to be conducted.

Mr Bunao speculated that the wires were used to transmit power to lights along the shore.

The Bohol Chronicle’s report makes no mention of Mr Linné’s death, and it is unclear if local authorities are aware of a possible connection.


Updates to follow… 

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