Elderly Korean couple found dead inside their village home

Foreign National Couple Found Dead in Silang, Cavite – www.philippineslifestyle.com

Two elderly Koreans were found dead inside their home in the town of Silang, Cavite, a village 53km south of Manila, near Tagaytay.

The two Koreans were discovered inside their home on Thursday – police are still investigating their deaths.

Both Song Yi Kim and Shangson Na (said to be in their late 60s)  were found after a worker employed by the Korean couple informed police that there was no answer at their home after he came to work.

“I was with two village police and we kept ringing the doorbell, but there was no answer. We made a way to get inside, so with the help of our village police, they climbed over the gate and when they got inside, they peered into the window and saw the couple dead,” he said.

Police are looking into the fact that hired hands or workers that the couple hired everyday may have had a part in their deaths.

“We regularly speak to the couple and they seemed to be okay and without any problems, but last night we heard what happened from a worker who was knocking on the gate.”

A person near to the family said the elderly couple were planning to open a charity centre inside their gated home in Silang.