Elderly Filipino couple barred from US flight after bullet ‘found’ in luggage

NAIA Couple
Elderly Filipino Couple Barred from Flight to U.S. After Bullet Found in Luggage – www.philippineslifestyle.com (Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN)

An elderly couple were banned from boarding their flight to Los Angeles, California, after security at NAIA claimed to find live ammo in their luggage.

Estaban and Salvacion Cortabista, aged 78 and 74, were barred from boarding Korean Air, flight KE 622 – as they passed through security at NAIA. A .38 calibre bullet was reportedly found in the carry-on bag of Salvacion.


The couple denied any knowledge of the bullet.

A report on the incident says the couple made it past the first scanner at NAIA, and not until they reached the second x-ray scanner did they get stopped by security personnel.

The couple’s luggage was offloaded from their flight on Korean Air, leaving them blocked from boarding.


Airport authorities say they would file charges against the couple. However, a full investigation is first to take place as to how the couple passed through the first security checkpoint.

Netizens are saying that the bullet was planted and that the couple had not been stopped at the first security checkpoint due to the fact that someone planted the bullet inside the airport.

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