Egyptian bar owner gunned down alongside girlfriend, 15, in Digos City

Egyptian gunned down in Digos City
Police say the victim was riding home on his motorcycle with his 15-year-old live-in partner when the assassins struck.

An Egyptian operator of a Digos City videoke bar has been gunned down in the street by motorcycle assassins in a late-night attack.

The as-yet unidentified assailants murdered Haitian Ramadan Hamed Abdelrady, aged 31, at 1.20am today (Monday, August 19).

Abdelrady, a resident of Barangay Zone 1, sustained multiple gunshot wounds in different parts of his body during the attack on Jumaoas Street.

Police Staff Sergeant Earl Cryz Guarino, who is leading the investigation, said the victim and his 15-year-old live-in partner were heading to their residence on a motorbike when one of two unidentified men on another motorcycle at them. 

The couple attempted to flee in separate directions, police said, but one of the suspects chased Abdelrady and three more shots, hitting him in different parts of the body that caused his instantaneous death.

Scene of the Crime Operation personnel have so far failed to find any spent bullet shells at the scene. Investigations are continuing.

The Egyptian was operating a videoke bar in the southern city. Police investigators have discovered that about two weeks ago, Abdelrady filed charges against one of his employees, alleging that he stole 60,000 pesos in cash.

According to a report by Digos City News Online, Abdelrady used to be married to a Filipina, but she committed suicide after they broke up.

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