Stream Your Favorite Educational Program with CuriosityStream

If you are into British TV, you can Acorn TV. If you are into classic movies, there is Criterion Collection. For horror fans, there is Shudder. Not to mention the old standby’s like Netflix or Disney+. There are so many streaming service options everyone is covered, even those that love a good education program. For those that do, there is a streaming service called CuriosityStream

We thought we would take a look at everything you need to know about this streaming service to help you decide if it is worth investing in. This review will go over what you get, how much it costs, and how to download the app. 

Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading it, you will be ready to decide if this streaming service is for you. So let’s get started, shall we?

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What is CuriosityStream?

This service is an on-demand streaming service in the same vein as Netflix and the rest of the plethora of options. This one just so happens to focus on educational programs and documentaries.

The platform has over 2,000 educational programs (which is always growing) from shows to shorts to full-blown documentaries covering areas like history, science, nature, and so much more. The interface is very similar to Netflix as well, with your page divided up into multiple categories in order to make browsing for a selection more straightforward. 

These categories vary but start with recently added and then go on to things like Human Spirit, Civilization, and Technology, among many others. There is so much to and learn that you can spend hours just browsing for a title to enjoy.

Features & Pricing

The features of this service are pretty straight forward by subscribing you will have easy access to a wide variety of educational programming. This streaming service is not limited to just the UK, which makes traveling with it amazing.

Though there may be some videos that are unavailable in certain countries, you will still be able to get your learning in, even when on the road. That is one of the best features of this streaming service.

Some of the others include the following.

  • Compatible with all your devices
  • An easy to navigate interface
  • 30-day free trial

For all that learning, you may think that it is quite pricey, but you would be wrong. For the standard which offers HD content, the bill comes to £2.99/month (or £19.99/yr.). If you want to have the ability to 4K video, then the Premium costs £9.99/month (or £69.99/yr.). This is very reasonable for a good quality educational program.

How to Get the App

The easiest way to get the is to download it onto whatever device you are using. That means choosing the store that correlates with the platform you are looking to use. The streaming service is compatible with multiple devices, so you are set no matter what. 

You can also attach this with an Amazon Prime membership, which will save you the hassle of adding another streaming service icon to your devices. You will go to the Amazon homepage and search for CuriosityStream.

The app will come up, and then you will want to click on the logo. Then you choose the device and push the GetApp button. Once that is done, the app should appear on your Fire TV.

Or you can download the app here for iOS, here for Android.

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So if you are into learning new things daily or even just casually subscribing to CuriosityStream is a great idea. Along with keeping your mind-expanding, it is great to use it as a tool to further your kid’s education as well. 

The plethora of choices that a subscriber has access to will also allow for those in the house with different educational interests to be able to find the perfect choice for them. No matter if you love history and the other person in the house is into technology and science, each of you will be able to find something.

The price is pretty good as well, which makes subscribing to this not only an investment just because you will keep the education ongoing, but because it also is very budget-friendly.