Eddie Villanueva blames police ‘scalawags’ for Duterte war on drugs killings

Evangelist and now Deputy Speaker Bro Eddie Villanueva blamed police “scalawags” for the thousands of killings related to President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

Villanueva delivered a speech during the celebration of the National Bible Day Monday afternoon.

He stressed out that killing “outside the due process and rule of law” is considered murder.

The Jesus is Lord founder blamed police “scalawags,” whom he claimed had been violating the president’s directives on following the rule of law.

“Remember, President Duterte’s famous inauguration address in Malacanang on the first day of his office, and I really salute him for this. He said, ‘My adherence to due process and rule of law is non-compromising’,” he said.

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Eddie Villanueva blames police ‘scalawags’ for Duterte war on drugs killings

“No less than the President of the Philippines released this national presidential policy. Unfortunately, there were scalawags in the police system who violated this presidential pronouncement of our respected President.”

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has repeatedly assured the public it would tolerate such abuses in the government’s war against drugs. also said they continue to eradicate erring police personnel.

Villanueva also urged his fellow lawmakers to take action on these killings, no matter what the cause is.

“Mga kapwa ko mambabatas, kailangan may gawin tayo. Huwag nating hayaan na maging laganap ang patayan sa ating bayan kahit ano pa ang maging dahilan,” he said.

(My fellow lawmakers, we have to do something. Let us not let massacre be rampant in our country no matter what.)

The Congress “must really do something rather than let this violation of the presidential pronouncement continue,” he added.

PDEA reported up to 5,552 drug personalities have been killed in the government’s anti-drug war operations.

Human rights groups, however, claimed war on drugs death was as high as 20,000, including those killed by unidentified gunmen believed to be vigilantes linked with the police force.

President Duterte himself is facing a complaint before the International Criminal Court over crimes against humanity in connection with the war of drugs death.