Easy Cocktails That Will Impress Your Dinner Guests

There’s no denying that almost everyone loves . Partnered with good food and even better company and conversation, you and your guests will certainly be downing cocktail after cocktail until l the wee of the night. 

What makes great for gatherings is that these are a fool-proof way to impress your guests and make your gathering feel more mature and elevated, while being fun and exciting at the same time. While these might seem intimidating, there are certainly easy you can work your way up from.

Whether you’re having an event anytime soon or simply a gathering with your closest friends and family, we’ve rounded out some of the easiest cocktail recipes that are sure to impress your guests. Check these out.

Easy Cocktails That Will Impress Your Dinner Guests

Classic Mojito

Up for a light and refreshing drink to start your night? There’s nothing better than a classic mojito. This Cuban drink is guaranteed to hit all the right spots with its earthy, minty, and bubbly taste. With lime, rum, and mint, this signature drink is perfect for a beach or even garden event. 


Thinking of what to have for girl’s night? Sangria is here to rescue you. All you need are fruits you might already even have in your pantry such as apples and oranges. Then you will need orange juice, a sweetener, rum, and some fruity red wine. You may even use white wine – it’s that versatile. 

Serve this with some tapas such as patatas bravas or even some jamon croquettes for a -themed night with your girls. Finish this off with some tunes to set the mood and this will instantly transport you to Spain. 

Whiskey Smash

Many individuals tend to avoid whiskey because of its smokey and heavy take to liquor. However, you and your guests will certainly be surprised with this cocktail recipe as it is light, refreshing, and downright delectable

A quirky twist to the already classic mint julep, this whiskey smash boasts of flavors of lemon and mint that will keep everyone having seconds or thirds without noticing it. With this drink in your hand, you’ll keep conversations and entertaining on the patio a breeze. 

Moscow Mule

Have you always fancied that copper mug? Bust those goodies out and make Moscow Mule cocktail for your guests. This ice-cold drink will definitely give you the heady yet refreshing taste thanks to a combination of ginger beer and lime. 

While this is technically not from Russia per se, this will surely make you think of the uber-cool winters they have up there. Plus, making this is super easy as you can substitute vodka with bourbon for a Kentucky Mule or even with rum for a Caribbean version. 


The Bottom Line

Serving cocktails has just gotten easier with these quick and snappy recipes. In as little as five minutes, you can do all of these easy cocktails and more and still have time to mingle with your guests. Try out these simple and delicious drink recipes today!