Duterte to LGU: Release papers requested in 3 days or get fired, face charges

President Rodrigo threatened local government units (LGU) to release the papers requested from their offices within three days, else get fired or face corresponding charges.

“I’m telling you now, kayong mga municipal city or I do not know if the Provincial Board is included, ‘pag hindi ninyo inilabas’ yan beginning today, I’m going to give you exactly three days to report to the DILG, city, provincial,” he said.

“The clock is ticking, except on days we do not hold office. I’ll count the 72 hours on weekdays. For example, it has been there on Monday, then two to three days should be on Thursday,” Duterte added.

In the same televised briefing, the Duterte ordered the courts to immediately file cases against any LGU who does not comply with the time frame.

“If you fail to do that, I am directing fiscals to file the case immediately,” he said.

“Talagang I’ll see to it you will be suspended as a form of punishment, but I would prefer that you be dismissed immediately, and the courts are not to interfere,” added Duterte.

Duterte, on his fifth State of the Nation Address, said called on government agencies to digitize and adopt paperless transactions to avoid queueing amid the COVID-19 crisis.

He also asked the Anti-Red Tape Authority, Department of Budget and Management, and all government agencies to make all possible transactions available online.

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In the same speech, Duterte said he would coordinate with the Congress to remove Globe Telecom Inc. and Smart Communications Inc. from the industry if they would not improve their service by December.

“Kindly improve the services before December. I want to call Jesus Christ to Bethlehem. Better have that line cleared,” Duterte said.

“The next two years will be spent improving the telecommunications of the country without you. I will talk to Congress and find a way how to do it,” he added.