Duterte to Filipinos in US: Vote for Trump

President Rodrigo Duterte told Filipinos in the United States to vote for incumbent US President Donald Trump for their next presidential election in November.

Duterte said they would get the “best deal” if Trump would win again.

“To the Filipinos, if you perchance eh lumabas ito, bumoto kayo kay Trump (vote for Trump),” Duterte said during a press conference in Monday after a meeting with on efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease in the country.

“They say that I am interfering; of course, I am interfering. Tell that to the Americans that Duterte is insisting in interfering,” he said.

The President said it was the US that started interfering with the Philippines’ affairs. He cited the US criticized his administration’s war on drugs, specifically linking the government to the alleged cases of extrajudicial killings.

“Do you know why I’m interfering? Can anybody answer my question? Kasi sila ang nag-una. Kung ano-anong ipinag — extrajudicial killing, 70,000. Saan nakalibing’ yung 20,000? Na mag-head count kami doon sa… Kung may mamatay diyan na binaril, extrajudicial killing,” Duterte said.

(Because they started it. They made various accusations of extrajudicial killings that reached 70,000. Where are the 20,000 buried? We’ll make a headcount. If anybody is shot, it’s extrajudicial killing.)

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Duterte to Filipinos in US: Vote for Trump

Duterte defended his anti-drug campaign, saying the peace and order in the country continue to improve. He said he wanted to fight the illegal drug trade and bring back the streets to the people.

“Kita mo, bumaba na ngayon ang droga. At least, hindi na takot mag-uwi ‘yung mga tao sa bahay nila. I have returned the streets to the people. Kasi’ yang public places are intended for law-abiding citizens,” he said.

(Look at how the drug incidents declined. At least people are no longer scared of going home. I have returned the streets to the people because public places are intended for law-abiding citizens.)

Last month, the Palace announced that President Duterte considers Trump, a “good president” and should be re-elected as the US President.