Duterte to communists: ‘Mga bobo naman’

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said communists do not have an ideology and were only after and power.

“There is no longer any ideology. Wala ‘tong mga komunista… Gusto lang nila umagaw ng gobyerno. Mga bobo naman and p– ina,” he said.

(This communist is nonsense. They just want to take over the government. But they were dumb and son of a b***.)

Duterte particularly slammed Jose Maria “Joma” Sison, the CPP founding chairman and NDF chief political consultant, and Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Zarate.

“Sino ang bright? Si Sison? Susmaryosep! iharap mo si sa akin, mag-debate kami,” Duterte said.

(Who is bright? Sison? Susmaryosep! Present to me. We will debate.)

“’Yang si Zarate… Alam mo sabihin ko, nangangailangan ka ng pera. That’s the only reason komunista ka to defend an oligarch,” he added. “‘Di ka naman summa cum laude. Pareho naman tayong pumasa ng bar.”

(That Zarate… You know what I say? You need money. That’s the only reason you became a communist, to defend an oligarch. You are not a summa cum laude. We both passed the bar.)

Duterte to communists: ‘Mga bobo naman’

“Kung magsalita, you make it appear that we are milking the government,” Duterte said of Zarate.

“Alam mo sa totoo, Zarate, ‘pag nakikita kita sa TV para akong nakakita ng tae ng iro. Para akong nakakita ng tae ng aso, sa totoo lang,” he added.

(You know the truth, Zarate, when I see you on TV, it’s like I saw dog poop. It was as if I had seen dog poop, honestly.)

Duterte also accused militant groups such as the Makabayan bloc in the House of Representatives, Bayan, and Gabriela of joining the grand conspiracy of the Communist Party of the Philippines to oust the government.

“We are identifying you as members in a grand conspiracy comprising all the legal fronts they have organized headed by NDF at Communist Party of the Philippines,” Duterte said in a nationally-televised briefing.

“The AFP is very correct. You are being identified as the members of the communist para alam namin. ‘Yon ang totoo, hindi red-tagging,” he added.