Duterte spokesman claims EU critics have ‘too much sex’

Martin Andanar. Malacañang file photo

One of President Duterte’s official spokesmen has bizarrely claimed that EU critics of his boss have “too much sex”.

During a meeting with British Filipinos in London, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar used the Bisaya word “palaiyot,” — which means someone who often has sex — to describe low-ranking EU officials who criticise the Duterte government.


He said: “The noisy ones who like to have sex, the noisy ones… You know the problem with them is they are just noisy, but they haven’t proven anything. If you ask their prime minister, their president, those really running the country, even they support our president.

“Those below who like to have sex, they are just noisy because they can’t have enough sex.”

A video of the event was Andanar was posted by Duterte News Stream Live today (Tuesday, October 23).


The footage shows him and his assistant secretary Kris Ablan at a “meet and greet” with London-based Filipinos. A Palace source said Andanar was “invited” to the country by some groups.

Insults aimed at EU officials are more often heard from the president himself, who has referred to members of the EU parliament as “EU de puta,” a play on the phrase “hijo de puta”, meaning son of a bitch.

Andanar’s harsh words were apparently inspired by his raucous audience, who could be heard calling for Senator Antonio Trillanes’ head and disputing negative media reports on Duterte.

He declared that media and critics who cite a number of drug-related deaths different from official police figures are “turning a blind eye to the truth”.

He also said that those critical of the president “have their own agenda”.

Andanar then made a baseless claim that human rights groups had been advocating for the rights of terrorists in Marawi.

“Then they even bring up the human rights of the Maute Group, the human rights of Isnilon Hapilon, the human rights of Omar Maute,” he said.

He did not, however, name which groups had said such things.

Andanar also drew parallels between the president’s criticism of the EU with Britain’s decision to leave the bloc. “That’s why you voted for Brexit, because you don’t trust them,” he said.