Duterte names PDEA employees suspended, sacked due to corruption

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday named some employees of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) who have been suspended or removed from office due to corruption.

According to Duterte, some of them were removed from office after allegedly accepting a bribe to or acquit a drug suspect.

“If you are a — if you are bribing or you are in the take that you can be bribed, you should not be there in the service at all. Hindi ako puwede magsabi niyang i-dis — ah i-suspend lang kasi gagawa ito nang gagawa nang gagawa sa… Those , PNP, na ang mga kasalanan itong related sa drugs pati itong pera, malversation, there’s only one penalty there: They should not be in government. They should be out in the streets,” he said.

He ordered the PDEA to permanently remove the said corrupt employees from office and not just suspend them.

Duterte names PDEA employees suspended, sacked due to corruption

“I’ll be asking the PDEA to come up with the list of itong lahat ng mga tao in government, lalo na ‘yang law enforcement, na kung sino iyong napatanggal kasi may suspetsa ako — hindi lang suspetsa — sigurado ako na gagawa ito ng milagro para to continue with this nefarious activity.So, bantayan ito sila. There must be a team dedicated to watch only these guys who were from the service,” said Duterte.

He also warned he would punish them if he confronted them, even if they sue or complain to the Commission on Human Rights.

“Bago kayo paalisin, sabihin ko sa — kay ano — sa PDEA na dalhin ka muna sa akin. Pabaunan kita ng — ako gusto ko martilyo eh. Ako ginagawa ko martilyo minsan kasi kung martilyuhin mo ‘yong kamay, maggaganun na hindi na maka… Totoo, martilyo. Hindi iyong bilog, ‘yong naka-ganun,” said Duterte.

Meanwhile, two policemen were killed in a shooting that took place outside Ever Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City and the encounter was reportedly between personnel of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency () and Philippine National Police (PNP).

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