Duterte orders all COVID-19 donations be transmitted, managed by Civil Defense


President Rodrigo signed an administrative order that mandates all and medical supplies shall be transmitted and managed by the Office of Civil Defense.

Duterte signed Administrative Order no 27 Tuesday night, giving the Office of Civil Defense the authority to manage and allocate the distribution of donations intended for fighting COVID-19 in the country.


Consolidation of donations

All donations to the National Government of the DOH medicines, medical equipment and supplies, and other health products intended to address COVID-19 situation, whether received or accepted from foreign governments, private entities, non-governmental organization, or any group or individual, shall be coordinated with and transmitted to the OCD for consolidation.

Meanwhile, direct donations from any of the same donors to other departments, bureaus, offices, state colleges or universities, government-owned or controlled corporations, or government hospitals or medical facilities shall continue to be allowed without the need for consolidation in OCD.


Recipient agencies, however, should immediately report such donations to OCD since it has the authority to allocate and reallocate the donations.

Inventory and allocation of donations

OCD shall prepare an inventory of all donations to the National Government.

OCD in coordination with the DOH, Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases shall determine which facilities, beneficiary groups or establishments in the country, public or private shall receive the donations.

Distribution and Logistical Support

The Department of National Defense shall provide the necessary logistical support to the OCD for the immediate consolidation, shipping, and delivery of the donated medicines, medical equipment, and supplies, and other health products to the identified beneficiary facilities, groups, or establishments.

Chief Implementer of the national policy against COVID-19 and Presidential adviser on peace Carlito Galvez Jr. is also tasked to oversee the management and distribution of these donations.

Under the Administrative Order, OCD shall submit a weekly report to the President through the Executive Secretary on the actions taken regarding management, consolidation, and distribution of COVID-19 donations.

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