Duterte offers ‘P2-M, new identity, land’ reward to arrest communist rebel leaders

President Rodrigo Duterte announced he would give P2 million reward to anyone who could provide verified information that will lead to the arrest of communist rebel leaders in the country.

“Pag nakapatay kayo ng commander o nakapagturo kayo kung saan natutulog yung commander o nakitulog, sabihin lang ninyo sa akin at P2 million, basta yung top commander,” Duterte said in a public address aired Tuesday.

(If you could kill a commander or point where a commander sleeps, just tell me and I will give you P2 million, as long as it is a top commander.)

President Duterte assured that the informant would be treated as a witness and would be duly protected.

The President also pledged to give them land and a “new identity.”

“Aalisin kita sa lugar mo…Kasi kung hindi, papatayin ka talaga e. Pagka ganun, yung mga squealer, you will be given a new identity kagaya ng witness protection program,” he said.

(I will remove you from your place. Because if not, they will kill you. If that happens, the squealer, you will be given a new identity like the witness protection program.)

“I will give you lands. Marami pang lupa [we have lots of them],” he further said.

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Duterte offers reward to capture Communist Rebel Leaders

Duterte already junked the with the -NPA over its recent attacks against the Philippine military amid COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are no more peace talks to talk about,” the President said in a taped message. “I am not and will never be ready for any round of talks.”

Duterte said the NPAs have no words of honor and continued killing Philippines soldiers who are doing missions.

“The NPA and the Communist Party of the Philippines have no respect either for their spoken words or in their deeds of killing soldiers who are on humanitarian missions,” he added.

Duterte also declared last month that he would try to “finish all” CPP-NPA rebels within the remaining two years of his term.

“Ang utos ko sa kanila, ‘Patayin kayo? O di patayin ninyo sila.’ Lahat na. Tapusin na natin ito sa panahon ko. I have two more years. I will try to finish all of you,” he said.

(My order to them, if they are going to kill you, then kill them. All of them. Let us finish this in my time. I have two more years. I will try to finish all of you.)