Drink up! President Duterte eyes nationwide midnight alcohol curfew

midnight alcohol curfew
Time, gentlemen, please! The new law, if passed, would be similar to former licensing laws in the UK.

President Duterte has urged Congress to pass a new law to outlaw the sale of after midnight, despite the threat to bars and clubs.

In an interview after his fourth State of the Nation Address yesterday (Monday, July 22), the president said he was serious about the proposal — even though it would be al blow for the nightlife industry.

“I was just suggesting. I’d like to — Congress to ponder on it and maybe sleep on it and if they want. But it can improve tremendously the quality of life. Stop drinking at almost 11 then you go home,” he said.

“Overall, by experience that it will do good. But I said it would be at the expense of a reduced income for those who operate nightclubs, clubs, discos during night-time.”

The president has frequently maintained that a similar curfew worked in City and that people soon got used to it. However, he conceded that a nationwide midnight curfew could prove unpopular.

“I do not think it is a popular move because it will affect adversely businesses that operate during night-time,” he said.

“But for a small city like Davao, I think the people learned to like it. But in other countries and other states, by 12 midnight, establishments are closed.”

The president first mentioned a nationwide application his City ordinance — which bans the sale of after 1am — after he won the presidency in 2016.

He also said that he wanted outlaw street-side drinking sessions in a bid to reduce criminality.

“Do not let me catch you drinking in the streets or I will run you over. It has to stop. There has to be a sense of order, good order for this country,” he said.

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