Duterte jokes about showing the Pope sex video of jailed senator

sex video
A screen shot from the official broadcast of today’s speech

President Duterte joked about showing the Pope a sex video after the pontiff sent a “beautiful rosary” to jailed senator Leila de Lima.

Speaking at an anti-corruption summit today (Tuesday, November 28), the president said: “Then one of them, the arrogant one, was even given a rosary by the Pope. Oh Pope.


“Could you find me the video, let the Pope see it. He might be removed from his papacy. Son of a bitch, this is too much. I am just human.”

His joke follows the news that the Pope had sent a rosary to the jailed senator. De Lima was imprisoned in Camp Crame police headquarters after being accused of involvement in the drug trade.

During senate hearings into the allegations, it was claimed that a video existed showing De Lima having sex with her former driver, Ronnie Dayan.


Although the senator has emphatically denied the claim, the president has previously made numerous references to an “X-rated actress” when referring to De Lima.

Sex video ‘joke’

During today’s speech he left little room for doubt about what sex video he was talking about, saying: “Prisoner of conscience, prisoner of conscience. She is guilty of lust and you call her a prisoner of conscience?

Amid laughter, the president stressed that he was only joking about his offer to share the pornographic material with the worldwide head of the Catholic Church.

He said: “I am joking, Pope, but whenever you do a thing that’s open to… if you criticise me, I can criticise you 10 times over.”

The president has form when it comes to criticising the pope. Before becoming president, he once called him a “son of a whore” for causing traffic chaos during a papal visit to Manila.

He has also been outspoken about the church in general, once saying: “I challenge you now, I challenge the Catholic church, you are full of shit and you all stink too, corruption and all.”

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