Duterte challenges senator pursuing son’s drug links to a shootout

Shootout: The president has taken aim at Senator Trillanes with some strong words today

President Duterte has said he carries a gun in case he needs to have a shootout with the senator accusing his son of drug smuggling.

Speaking to soldiers in Davao on Friday (September 8) he told them not to be bullied by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, saying they could challenge the senator to a “draw” if he humiliated them.

“If that happens, stand up to him. Tell him, ‘You’re a son of bitch. Come out and let’s draw guns’. He’s arrogant. He’s a coward.

“If he will only face me squarely, why would I bring a gun with me?”

At this point, the president revealed a gun tucked in his waist.

He then drew laughter from his audience as he said: “This is not licensed, ha. You don’t need a licence to kill a man.

“I’m not challenging anyone, but just ask them how many people I… I’ll add you

He then explained that he didn’t need a gun to protect himself, as he had a security team. Rather, he said, he carried the weapon in case Trillanes agreed to a shootout.

“I’m bringing a gun, not for my enemy because that has already been taken cared of by my security. But in case we face each other,” he said.

He then reiterated that he would resign if anyone could present proof that his son, Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, was involved in corruption in the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Response to shootout challenge…

Senator Trillanes was quick to respond to the president’s words, saying: “Duterte is clearly having a meltdown.

“I am now seriously concerned that he doesn’t have the psychological capacity to govern anymore and that he needs psychiatric help right away.

“Moreover, the Presidential Security Group needs to take away his pistol before he hurts himself or another innocent person.”

Trillanes has provoked the president’s anger by repeatedly questioning his son and son-in-law, Manases Carpio, on their involvement in a 6.4 billion peso shabu shipment in May.

During senate hearings yesterday, the senator asked the younger Mr Duterte to show a dragon tattoo on his back. Trillanes said this proved the vice mayor was a member of a Chinese triad [gangster group].

Paolo Duterte’s lawyer refused, and accused the senator of being gay for wanting to look at his client without a shirt on.

The hearing continues.