Duterte: Arrest negligent barangay captains

ordered the police to arrest the negligent barangay captains, so that mass gatherings are taking place in their area.

reminded that there is a law under the Revised Penal Code where officials who do not perform their duty can be punished.

“Ang tigas talaga ng ulo ng mga… Maski na ano, nagtutupada, nagfi-fiesta. Look, I think there’s a law in the… Huwag ninyo akong pilitin na talagang pahirapan ko kayo…Most of you are committing a crime kasi alam ninyo na after a gathering — after a gathering, after swimming together, a lot of you will get positive na for COVID-19,” said Duterte.

Duterte said it is a crime to leave office and that barangay captains should work.

“You know, kayong mga barangay captain, do you know that you have committed a crime of de­reliction of duty? Tingnan ninyo sa Revised Penal Code, magkonsulta kayo ng abugado. Talagang ang unang ipakulong ko ‘yong barangay captain having committed a crime of de­reliction of duty under the Revised Penal Code. Eh pinipip — napipilitan ako, ayaw ko sabi ko, magtrabaho kayo,” said Duterte.

Duterte warned that if the mass gathering that was the source of the spread of COVID-19 is repeated, he will hand over the barangay captain.

Duterte: Arrest negligent barangay captains

Duterte also ordered the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to enforce the law against barangay captains who try to escape their violation.

Duterte said he has a lot of respect for barangay captains, but they should understand that he is not asking for help, but he wants them to work.

The local government of Norzagaray, Bulacan, ordered Barangay Matictic officials to explain the influx of people into the Bakas River this weekend.

Many people flocked to the river this Sunday for picnics and swimming, most without wearing face masks. The police booked about 75 people because they did not return home immediately.

The can be held accountable if they fail to respond to the municipality’s show-cause order.

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