Duterte assures all vaccine brands are safe, effective

President Rodrigo Duterte assured the public that all vaccine brands available in the country are and effective, adding those who do not want to be vaccinated should not go out of their homes.

“We cannot force you, kung ayaw ninyo, huwag kayo lumabas ng bahay. ‘Pag lumabas kayo, mahahawa ninyo ang ibang tao (but if you don’t want to get inoculated, don’t leave your home. If you go out, you will just infect others),” Duterte said.

“Maghawaan talaga ‘yan (There will surely be spread of infection),” he added.

“Kung mahirap ka man o mayaman, kung gusto mo, pumunta ka doon sa vaccination sites. If you are there in that community, go there and have yourselves vaccinated by any of the vaccines available. They are all potent,” Duterte said.

(Whether you are rich or poor, if you want to get a COVID-19 vaccine, go to the vaccination sites.)

Duterte assures all vaccine brands are safe, effective

“They are all effective. So wala…there’s no reason for you really to be choosy about it. The only reason is ayaw kong magkaroon ng…magkaroon ng ano ‘yong istorya na may pinapaboran kami na itong ito. Wala,” he added.

(These vaccines are all effective. I don’t want a story to go around that we are favoring a because that is not the case.)

The President also reminded the public to seek their doctor’s advise before getting vaccinated.

“Pag hindi ka na makahinga, dalhin ka sa ospital, walang makalapit sa pasyente, doctor lang, nakabalot pa to avoid being infected (Once you have difficulty in breathing, you will be brought to the hospital, no one can get near you except doctors who are in PPE to avoid being infected),” he said.

“Pag namatay kayo, derecho kayo sa morgue. Di mo mahalikan, marealize mo ang sakit (When you die, you will be brought straight to the morgue. You will not be able to kiss your loved ones goodbye),” he added.

“Your choice, your life,” Duterte said.

Source: Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines