Dutchman to be deported after building tourist resorts without permits

Dutchman Niklaas Vondeling will be deported nearly four years after first being declared “persona non grata” by his local council

A 61-year-old Dutchman, who was declared persona non grata by a town council in Cebu, will be deported for being an “undesirable alien”.

Bureau of Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente today (Monday, April 9) described Niklaas Vondeling as an “overstaying alien”. He added that he was arrested last week at his home in Poro by agents of the BI’s fugitive search unit (FSU).


He was apprehended on the strength of a warrant of deportation first issued against him in September 2015.

Morente added that the expulsion of Mr Vondeling was ordered after municipal and barangay councils passed a resolution in July 2014 declaring him “persona non grata” and recommending his deportation.

The resolutions, which declared the Dutchman “inimical to public order, safety and morals” stemmed from his alleged construction of two tourist resorts without appropriate building permits.


“Foreigners like him who refused to comply with our laws and who openly manifest disrespect to persons of authority do not deserve the privilege to stay in our country,” Mr Morente said in a statement.

Furthermore, Mr Vondeling was charged with “grave oral defamation” for having a heated altercation with local officials about the building permits issue.

Dutchman in firearms crackdown

Today’s press release by the BI did not mention that Mr Vondeling was arrested last year on firearms charges.

The Dutchman was among five people nabbed in separate raids in San Francisco town on December 13.

The other four were Filipinos and said to be members of a gun-for-hire gang known as Otadoy Group.

According to a report in the PhilStar, Mr Vondeling was said to be illegally holding two .45 calibre pistols, one 12-gauge shotgun and a 9mm pistol. He was later cleared of the charges against him.

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