Drunken Korean fights off 28 Filipinos after touching woman’s breast

28 Filipinos Fail to Secure Unruly Korean National in Manila – www.philippineslifestyle.com

28 angry male residents attempted, but failed, to secure an unruly Korean man after he touched the breasts of a woman while drunk in Sta. Ana, Manila.

The angry mob attempted to subdue the Korean but many of the 28 people, including the woman’s husband were hurt in the incident.


44-year-old Kyung Tack, a native of Seoul, South Korea residing in Nueva Ecija, was subdued only after police showed up with force.

The original 28 people were defending 22-year-old ‘Jenny’, and her husband, 41-year-old Angelito Banawa was also hurt in the incident when Tack punched him in the face after touching his wife’s breasts.

Banawa told police that he was shocked to see the suspect take on more than 20 people at one time – saying he only used his bare hands and was reeking of liquor.


A report on the incident showed that Tack showed up at 1.30am in front of the victim’s house. Banawa told his wife to close the door, when suddenly Tack grabbed the breasts of Banawa’s wife.

Banawa attempted to confront the Korean when he was punched in the face. The two engaged in a scuffle until residents nearby joined in to assist Banawa.