Drunk tourist wheeled out of hotel on trolley after going berserk (video)


drunk tourist

This is the shocking moment a drunk tourist was wheeled out of a hotel on a luggage trolley after he tossed dishes and struggled with police while wreaking havoc in front of stunned guests.


Footage captured by a Scottish expat shows the man, who was allegedly drunk, being dumped onto the pavement outside the hotel, in the Philippines, as a number of police officers help with the arrest.

Officers then use a sheet to lift the man off the ground, but he has to be loaded into an ambulance because he is too large to fit into the back of a police van.

drunk tourist


Former TV news cameraman Ian Maclean, originally from Scotland, grabbed his camera and recorded video after he heard a commotion.

Wearing just his underwear, the man was screaming loudly and ranting as he stumbled into furniture in a corridor.

At one point the man throws dishes and other objects onto the floor before he turns and faces the officers.

He shouts, cries and mumbles incoherently, and drops to the floor again, where shocked guests look on.

drunk tourist

Once he is finally handcuffed police put a pair of trousers on him and then place him on a luggage trolley.

When they arrive outside they tip the trolley over so that he rolls off and falls onto the pavement, leaving him with dirt on his face.

The man is then lifted into the back of an ambulance and transported to hospital for an evaluation.

Mr Maclean recorded the moment while he was visiting a friend at the hotel.

He said: “While we were in the room I heard a loud commotion – yelling, banging, dishes being smashed.

drunk tourist

“I grabbed my video camera and ran down the hallway to investigate. I found a very large drunk guy in underwear, with local police trying to subdue him.

“He was wild and completely out of control, threatening the police. They called for back-up and struggled to get handcuffs on him because his wrists were so large.

Mr Maclean said guests went into the room to survey the damage and found two empty whisky bottles.

He added: “Because of his massive size, they had to figure out how to get him from the third floor down to the lobby.

“The cops finally got him into a luggage cart and into the elevator. He wouldn’t fit in the police van so they called for a larger ambulance, strapped him in and off he went to the hospital.”

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