Drunk Chinese men arrested after trying to run down traffic officers

3 Drunk Chinese Nationals Arrested After Attempting to Run Over 3 Traffic Enforcement Officers in Quezon City – www.philippineslifestyle.com

Three Chinese men were arrested for their part in attempting run over three traffic enforcement officers in Quezon City.

All three will face a long list of charges. Once the men were cornered it was discovered that all were heavily intoxicated.


The suspects, 34-year-old  Xiaopei Huang, said to be a church minister of the United Evangelical of the Philippines, 32-year-old Yisa Wang and 38-year-old Qui Ze Heng, all from Santa Cruz, Manila, are being held at the Manila Police District.

An investigation into the matter shows that the three were aboard a vehicle when they hit a Toyota Avanza owned by a local businessman.

The men tried to give the owner of the Toyota 1,000 pesos but he refused the money and insisted on calling for traffic enforcers who were near the scene of the collision.


The enforcers were approaching the scene of the collision when the Chinese men tried to escape. They backed their vehicle up quickly, nearly hitting the traffic enforcers.

Police saw what was happening and chased the suspects until they were cornered.

So far the list of charges include malicious mischief, reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property, threats, unjust vexation, physical injuries, assault, resisting arrest, disobedience and driving under the influence of alcohol.

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