Japanese man loses 210,000 pesos to women who drugged him in Manila

The victim told police that he believed his drink had been drugged.

A Japanese man withdrew 140,000 pesos from an ATM after allegedly being drugged by three women he had befriended in Manila.

Ryoji Nagai, aged 21, said the women approached him in a mall in Makati City on Tuesday (November 20). After chatting for a while, they invited him to a drinking session at a house in the Sampaloc district of the capital.


After consuming two bottles of beer, the victim began to feel dizzy and fell asleep. He told police that he woke up at about 1am. Finding himself to be alone in the property, he left for his hotel in Quiapo. 

Later that day, his mother called him to tell him that 300,000 Japanese Yen — about 140,00 pesos — had been withdrawn from his bank account.

At this point, he checked his bag and wallet and discovered that 50,000 Yen in cash (about 23,000 pesos), 20,000 pesos in local currency and a video camera worth about 25,000 pesos were also missing.


According to a report on tempo.com, the victim went to the nearest police station to report the incident.

Officers then showed the victim a ‘rogues gallery’ of known and suspected thieves and he identified one of the women as Elma Rosero Matas, 36, a resident of Pasay City.

Police stations across the capital region have been alerted to track her down.

This week’s case has close similarities to a similar theft we reported in March 2016.

Female tourist also drugged

At that time a Finnish woman lost more than 15,000 pesos after being invited by a group of women to a house in Quezon City..

Anne Maria Elisabft, 29, told police she had been walking around Intramuros, Manila, at 4pm when the suspects approached her. They invited her to dinner but she declined.

However, the next day the suspects arrived at her hotel and invited her to lunch at their home in Quezon City. This time she accepted.

After lunch, the victim and the suspects starting drinking beer. Ms Elisabft told police that she became dizzy and fell unconscious after just two glasses.

When she woke a few hours later she hailed a cab that took her back to he her hotel. Upon arrival she realised her money and wallet were missing.

Because she could not remember where the house was located she declined to file a formal complaint and asked police to place the incident on record.

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