Drug lord leads armed stand-off with guards in New Bilibid Prison


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Drug Lord and Guards Have Tense Standoff in New Bilibid Prison – www.philippineslifestyle.com

Prison guards and drug lord, Jaybee Sebastian came to blows as a standoff took place at the New Bilibid Prison on Monday.

The standoff lasted into Tuesday when Sebastian gave himself up.


The maximum security compound is said to be the tightest in the Philippines, but Sebastian, who was going to be transferred to a high security section of the jail that was recently renovated, was instead clad in armor and he and his men were in possession of high-powered guns.

The building in which Sebastian was to be transferred to was an old chamber for death convicts – it was renovated and reopened in July to house high-risk inmates.

The renovation of the building took place after officials discovered drugs, guns and other contraband in a jailhouse raid last December.


Most of the contraband found was in the possession of 19 high-profile inmates.

Sebastian, a convicted kidnapper and leader of the Commando Gang, is one of the most influential drug lords in the New Bilibid Prison.

Before the so-called clean up of Bilibid Prison, Sebastian was given special treatment and was detained in a fully furnished jail cell – he also had an office where he continued his drug business.

Sebastian was spared from the prison raid of December 2014.

The situation at the  maximum security compound was tense on Monday night, said witnesses.

In all, some 100 members of the Special Weapons and Tactics unit gained access to Sebastian. His men were ready to kill and mobilise against security personnel.

The standoff ended when prison officials called in additional personnel. They then used signal jammers in the building to prevent Sebastian from seeking reinforcements. The jammers also prevented Sebastian from giving out the orders to attack.

A source inside the prison said “they communicated through cell phones because he couldn’t get out.”

Prison officials eventually took Sebastian and transferred him to the new building with 14 other inmates.

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