DOT issues show cause order vs. hotel where Christine Dacera was found dead

Department of Tourism issues a show cause order against in Makati, the hotel where rape-slay victim Christine Dacera was found.

DOT Regional Director Woodrow Macuiling Jr. addressed the order to Richard Reazon, General Manager of the Hotel:

It has come to the attention of the Department of Tourism (DOT) that the demise of a Philippine Airlines flight attendant allegedly occurred during a party held in your establishment on 31 December 2020. We understand based on the reports that several individuals have checked-in or spend the evening in one of your rooms on the said date.

Under DOT Administrative Order No. 2020-002-C, an accommodation establishment in areas declared to be under a that is concurrently being used as a may not provide accommodation for leisure purposes. Permitted guests are only those that fall under the enumeration in Section 24 thereof, subject to the allowable room occupancy under DOT Memorandum Circular No. 2020-002-B. On the other hand, DOT Administrative Order No. 2020-006-C provides that hotels accommodating guests for staycation purposes must not be concurrently used as a quarantine or isolation facility.

Based on the foregoing and in the interest of due process, you are hereby directed to submit to this office, within three (3) days from receipt of this Show Cause Order, a written explanation why your DOT Accreditation should not be suspended or revoked for violation of the foregoing issuances.

DOT issues show cause order vs. hotel where Christine Dacera was found dead

Flight attendant Christine Dacera was found dead after allegedly celebrating the new year with friends at a hotel in Makati City.

According to the investigation by the authorities, it is possible that the victim was allegedly given drugs and raped.

There were also wounds found on the victim’s body.

It was also found out that Christine Dacera did not know that they were in a hotel with an estimated nine to 10 suspects.

Two rooms were allegedly rented at the hotel where the suspects were having a party.

The identified suspects will be charged with rape with homicide, three of whom have already been arrested.