Olympian Donnie Geisler expelled from PH taekwondo body

The Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) declared Monday Olympian Donnie Geisler as persona non grata.

PTA Sanctions Committee chaired by Manolo Gabriel issued a ruling on September 17 that expels Geisler in the PTA and terminates all of his rights and privileges as the national taekwondo governing body’s member.

According to the PTA, Geisler “displayed lack of integrity and honesty” when he asked the current national team members to join his taekwondo classes amid the pandemic.

The national taekwondo association maintained its regulation that national team members could not participate in “extra-curricular activities” without the PTA’s expressed and written consent.

“This protocol was made to protect the Taekwondo National Team members from distractions that would jeopardize their training,” the PTA ruling reads.

Samuel Morrison and Arven Alcantara, both 2019 Southeast Asian Games, appeared in Geisler’s taekwondo classes of Donnie Geisler on June 6 without the PTA’s permission.

“He deceived Morrison and Alcantara that they would only be sharing an inspirational message and a few techniques. When in truth, both were made to actually conduct the class in behalf of Mr. Geisler,” the ruling said.

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PTA declares Olympian Donnie Geisler persona non grata

Top taekwondo jins Jeordan Dominguez and Pauline Lopez were also scheduled to appear in classes of Donnie Geisler, but they were not allowed by the body.

“He misled Dominguez and Lopez in believing that their appearance in Mr. Geisler’s classes was already permitted by the PTA. When in truth, Mr. Geisler only sent a letter requesting permission and that no such approval was actually given,” the decision added.

The PTA also sanctioned Donnie Geisler for his “involvement in a smear campaign of any kind against PTA or any of its members” due to his social media posts criticizing the PTA.

Donnie Geisler, who represented the Philippines in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics, is set to respond to the PTA’s decision on Tuesday.

On June 26, the 41-year-old Geisler sued the PTA and filed the complaint at the Philippine Competition Commission due to the alleged anti-competitive practices and “abuses” towards by the PTA through the years.