Animal rights group claims dog ‘gang raped’ by men in Puerto Princesa

dog gang raped
A screenshot of the group’s Facebook post making the allegation that a dog was gang raped in Puerto Princesa.

An animal rights group has claimed that a dog was “gang raped” by a group of men in Palawan’s Puerto Princesa City.

Strategic Power for Animal Respondents (SPAR) — Philippines made the allegation on its Facebook page yesterday (Wednesday, January 9).

Although short on detail, the group alleged that the perverted sex took place in the Barangay San Pedro area of the city. 

The post emphasised that “raping a dog is a form of animal abuse”. It added that it must be stopped because the perpetrators could also be a “threat to the community. Please guard your Pets and daughter, who knows they will be next!”

No further details of the alleged were given, but a later Facebook post suggested that the Bacalod-based group had photographic evidence of the crime. It said: “FB has shut down my post because the photos were sensitive.”

The group has also said that a Palawan lawyer, Norman Marquez, is now investigating the incident on its behalf.


In March 2015, we reported how arrested a 46-year-old man after he was allegedly caught having sex with a cow.

The accused was allegedly caught in the act of abusing the animal at about 5am near the Aquinaldo Highway in Silang, Cavite.

The man tried to escape but Cavite Provincial Police caught up with him and arrested him. Eyewitnesses said his attempted escape was hindered by his unbuttoned pants.

Authorities believe the suspect was under the influence of drugs. The owner of the cow had reported the animal missing after he left it to graze in an open field near his village.

The accused was detained at a local station and was charged under Republic Act #9165 (The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act) as well as Republic Act #10631 (The Animal Welfare Act).

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