Doctors spreading false COVID-19 information will be held accountable

In July, Raquel Sapilan and Perlita Alcantara were finally convinced to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Fortunately, they said, health workers in Malabon were well informed about the true benefits and effects of the vaccine.

“Ayaw ko po sana magpa-vaccine kasi marami ako nadidinig na hindi 100 percent, pinag-aaralan pa raw nang husto. Pero sa ‘min, dahil marami nabakunahan sa ‘min sa Malabon, nagkaroon ako ng lakas loob,” said Sapilan.

“Kasi sinasabi magiging zombie o vampire ka pagka nagpabakuna kaya hindi po kami naka-decide magpabakuna,” said Alcantara.

Earlier, Malabon City spokesperson Bong Padua said there had been another vaccine hesitancy recently in the city, so even churches there are also helping to convince people to get vaccinated.

According to the doctors in the Vaccine Solidarity Movement, doctors who spread false information about COVID-19 and should be held accountable.

“They should be held liable, I think their licenses should be reviewed,” said Dr. Minguita Padilla, co-convener of Vaccine Solidarity Movement.

She said Congress should also hold a joint hearing and release a study on important information about COVID-19, such as the vaccine’s effectiveness against the virus.

Doctors spreading false COVID-19 information will be held accountable

“Out of your patients who are crowding the COVID now, are they the or vaccinated? Get to the bottom of the statistics, [Department of Health] should be doing that, Congress should be doing that,” said Padilla.

“If you find based on mas marami ang walang bakuna, taking up the facilities, it is necessary that our government will make a statement, it is proven that save our resources,” Padilla added.
Padilla insisted that doctors should unite, and the Department of Health should take the lead in introducing to the public the so-called experts on COVID-19 and vaccines.

In a statement, YouTube recently said that over 1 million videos spreading untrue information about COVID-19 had been removed from their website.

The Vaccine Solidarity Movement also advises the public not to believe the information on social media and websites.

It is important to make sure that the information comes from a trusted media agency or organization.

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