Doctors consider asking for a timeout

Doctors are now considering asking for another ‘timeout’ in line with the increasing number of new -19 cases, but they are still considering the consequences for the country’s system.

Dr. Maricar Limpin, president of the Philippine College of Physicians, said many of them are already experiencing extreme fatigue and stress due to many patients.

“Hindi ko na masabing kayang-kaya, ano, katulad noong mga nakaraang araw kasi talagang medyo nakakapagod na. Maski ako, nararamdaman ko na ‘yung pagod. In fact, ang feeling na namin, nasusuka na kami. Ganyan talaga ‘yung pakiramdam namin. Ibig sabihin, medyo nahihirapan na kami,” said Limpin.

Despite this, doctors are still doing their best to serve the Filipino people.

Aside from the number of patients, doctors also experience ‘emotional fatigue’ as they are forced to decide on the fate of patients due to the lack of medical equipment.

“Katulad ng mga kasamahan namin sa Cebu, at sa ibang lugar, nagsasabi na rin, na minsan sila pa ‘yung nagdedecide ng kung sino sa mga pasyente ‘yung pwedeng malagay sa ventilator, respirator, dahil kulang sa ventilator na,” Limpin explained.

It is said that it is still a long issue in their ranks whether they will ask for a ‘timeout’ because they did not decide on it lightly.

Doctors consider asking for a timeout

“Kaming mga doktor, ayaw naming dumagdag pa sa ingay. Bakit? Kasi nandito na tayo sa pandemic na ito. We are in a battle, maingay na as it is,” she added.

As of Thursday, the Philippines recorded 16,621 additional -19 cases for a total of 2,020,484, of which 146,510 are active cases or still ill.

said a total of 92 duplicates had been excluded from the cumulative total. Seventy-eight of those were recoveries, while 1 is a fatality.

Meanwhile, five laboratories failed to submit data on time, it added.

Data also showed 74% of intensive care unit (ICU) beds allocated for -19 nationwide are currently occupied, while those in Metro Manila are 73 percent utilized.

Ward beds in Metro Manila are 73 percent used up, while the national rate is 71 percent.

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