Doctor in viral road rage video charged with complaints


A doctor may be facing multiple charges after he was caught in road rage viral video cursing and verbally abusing another motorist in Makati city, according to Cecille Villarosa’s report in 24 Oras, Wednesday.

Due to the incident, his license may also be suspended or revoked.


According to the complainant Santiago Paredes, their vehicle was pushed to the side by an SUV that wanted to overtake Danlig Street. When Paredes refused, the driver of the SUV threw an object at them.

Paredes followed the SUV to confront it until they reached a gas station. The driver was found to be a doctor.

“Hindi naman ako nakababa dahil aktong kakatukin ko pa lang yung bintana, lumabas na siya at biglang sinugod na ako ng mura,” said Paredes.


(I will not go down because I was about to knock on his window, he suddenly went out and started to cuss me.)

Doctor in viral road rage video charged with complaints

The doctor was captured in a video mocking the complainant. When Parades and his companion tried to explain, the doctor did not listen.

“Bastos ka!Kala mo kung sino kang angas! [Ang] dumi-dumi mo!” the doctor in viral road rage video said.

(You’re rude! Who do you think you are, you’re arrogant! You are dirty!)

Parades went to the Makati Police Station to file a complaint.

Senior Superintendent Rogelio Simon, chief of Makati Police, said the road rage doctor could face slander and oral defamation cases.

Authorities said he could face additional charges over the trauma that Paredes’ 14-year-old child has suffered.

Meanwhile, St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) clarified on Tuesday that doctor in viral road rage video is not affiliated with them.

“We, at St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC), wish to clarify that the alleged doctor, Dr. Tomas Mendez, is currently not connected with the hospital or any company that is affiliated with SLMC,” the SLMC said in a statement.