What Are the Most Famous Profiles On TikTok? Discover Them

TikTok has taken over the world by storm. It has gained popularity particularly with its Gen Z audience. Even celebrities and A-list stars have started joining the bandwagon to connect with a larger audience, but also to foster a sense of community. 

The rise of TikTok users has also generated a number of highly watched TikTok profiles. From creating video clips of themselves lip-syncing to audio bites participating in viral challenges and dances, it comes as no surprise that these comedy accounts have garnered a strong following in a short period of time. 

Whether you are a newcomer to this platform or simply seeking the most famous profiles on TikTok to follow, below are some of the accounts you don’t want to miss. Read on to more about these famous individuals on TikTok.

What Are the Most Famous Profiles On TikTok? Discover Them

Addison Rae (@addisonre)

19-year-old Addison Rae, otherwise known as Addison Easterling, has garnered more than 48 million followers on the app. Known for her cool and sweet dance moves, and is a member of the beloved Hype House. 

Besides dancing, Addison is also recognized for her lip-syncing capabilities to popular tunes

Baby Ariel (@BabyAriel)

With a 34.1 million following, it appears that Baby Ariel is here to stay. According to Business Insider, Baby Ariel is one of the TikTok profiles to successfully get the 20 million follower mark on Musical.ly and it this has only made her more popular on TikTok. 

Though she mainly puts out lip-syncing videos on her feed, Baby Ariel is killing the music industry with her vocal prowess. In the past, she has released songs of her own creations. Apart from her social media following, she has also amassed followers from appearing on Disney and

Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio)

Charli D’Amelio currently has 66.8 million followers on her profile, making her one of the most famous profiles on TikTok. Though having just launched her channel in June of 2019, this big star has gotten love from people all over the world. 

Much of Charlie’s success is owed to her expertly choreographed moves to some of the most viral songs around the globe. Today, she has joined Addison Rae as part of Hype House. The Renegade video has been her biggest creation yet, and she’s not the reigning TikTok queen for no reason. 

Loren Gray (@lorengray)

Loren Gray commands a 45 million following under her TikTok name. Undoubtedly one of the most famous comedy accounts, Loren’s hilarious takes on the viral lip-dubbing trends has allowed her to get nominations in the Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards for her social media antics. 

Besides lip-syncing to video clips, Loren also participates in a number of viral dance challenges. She is also known for doing in-demand collaborations with other TikTok artists and doing other challenges as well. 

Riyaz Afreen (@riyaz.14)

Last but certainly not least is 16-year-old Riyaz Afreen. Riyaz is best recognized for his video clips showing short skits and even singing masterpieces. However, this popular Indian TikTok star is multifaceted. He is also a fashion blogger, actor, model, and everything else in between. 

Besides singing and creating skits, Riyaz also features collaborations with other Indian TikTok profiles on his account, including Aashika Bhatia and Mr. Faisu. He currently has 42.8 million followers. 

What Are the Most Famous Profiles On TikTok? Discover Them

The Bottom Line

With TikTok being a treasure trove of content, it can be challenging to pick just where to start your viewing pleasure. Through these most famous profiles on TikTok, you can get your daily dose of great video clips and comedic rescue all in one app.