Tesco Online Shop Discount – How to Get Cheaper Groceries


Every penny matters, and that is especially true when you are filling your fridge or pantry. So when you can get all the discounts even when shopping from the comfort of your own home that is especially nice.

Tons of supermarkets offer their own online ordering system, which most often comes with tons of their money and time-saving features.


The largest grocery chain in the UK, Tesco has a comprehensive offering that allows you to order and get your groceries delivered with ease. So let us take an in-depth look at their app to see what it is all about.

Tesco Online Shop Discount - How to Get Cheaper Groceries

What is Tesco Online Shop Discount App?

The Tesco Online Shop Discount App is a downloadable application that allows you to shop, pay, save, and manage your Tesco accounts. The mobile app makes this easy to do no matter where you are. To sum this all up, it is like having your local supermarket in your pocket.


Features & Pricing

The app is chock full of features that will take a bit of the stress out of your everyday life. You can shop and order online. After you have done this, you can choose whether you are going to pick up your groceries or you are going to have them delivered.

There are other amazing attributes that you will be able to take advantage of when you download this app. These include:

  • The ability to favorite select products
  • Easy to make corrections as you go
  • Use the barcode scanner on the product in your kitchen to load them into your cart
  • Use previous orders to add things to your cart
  • Scour special offers and add them to your purchase
  • Ability to schedule a delivery or pick up
  • Large selection of products to choose from
  • Collect Clubcard points to be used on days out

Along with all those great features, there is also a great price – the app is absolutely free to download from whatever store matches your device’s needs.

How to Get the App

Getting the app is as simple as heading over to the Apple Store or Google Play and downloading it for mobile. Once you have downloaded and installed it, you will sign up for an account, and then you can start shopping. Or you can go to the Tesco website and download it on your laptop or desktop.

If you are using an iPhone, then you will want to head over here to download the app. If, on the other hand, you are working with an Android check the Google Play Store.

How to Use the App

In order to get started as we said, you will need to log in. Once you have done that, you can begin browsing for your grocery list. You can use the barcode scanner for your standard needs as well as looking at a previous purchase. This will make keeping your everyday grocery needs easy to add to the cart. Then you will look for any offer and make sure you apply to the cart you have been working on.

After you have filled your cart and are ready to check out, you will choose whether you want to pick up or have your groceries delivered. If you decide to pick up, you will select the time. If you prefer delivery, you will not only be able to choose the time but the day as well. 

After doing that, all that is left is to check out and wait for an associate to shop and carefully pack up your goods for you.

Tesco Online Shop Discount - How to Get Cheaper Groceries


With access to over 50,000 products choosing to download the Tesco Online Shop Discount App is a great way to save a few pennies. You will still get everything you need, just with amazing discounts and special offers. Plus, you have access to some choice features that were included to make your life a little easier.

From the choice of pick-up to delivery to the barcode scanner, Tesco has developed an app that is easy to use and one that will relieve some of the anxiety from the fast-paced life we are all living right now.