Director slams learning module with ‘hugot’ lines from films


Director Joey Reyes complained of a learning module that used dialogues from popular Filipino movies in one of its activities.

“A friend posted this on her wall, tagging and asking me what I thought of this Filipino 2 module that her niece was given to study rhetoric using our national language.


“What was not only dismaying but infuriating about the material is self-explanatory.

“What kind of vision and even professionalism exist among those in charge of education in this country if the teaching of language is based on identifying ‘hugot lines’ and ‘quotable quotes’ from local movies and asking who rendered these dialogue?” the director said.

He added on his Facebook post, “What sort of learning expectations and deliverables are found here … or did whoever made this module think that involving popular culture trivia is an effective way to teach language?


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Director slams learning module with ‘hugot’ lines from films

“I work in media, I work in the academe …. and, as I said, I am not only disgusted but infuriated and demoralized by the educational standards being shown to Filipino students.

“How can we develop a nation of critical thinkers whereas some of those who were given the responsibility of shaping the minds of the young are in dire need of brains and even dedication to their work as well?

“Thus today I have concocted a new term: ‘EDIOTS.’ Idiots in Education,” added the director.

Several learning have gone viral due to its contents that seemed inappropriate for students. International star Lea Salonga was among celebrities who criticized the errors in the .

Meanwhile, the Department of Education clarified that such online modules did not come from their department.

“It’s not part of our online resources,” said Director June Arvin Gudoy of Public Affairs Service in an interview with Bandera.

According to Gudoy, ​​DepEd is monitoring the learning materials of the institutions covered by the department.

DepEd recently launched Error Watch to monitor complaints related to errors in self-learning modules and video lessons.

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