How To Study Digital Marketing Online?

If you’re a marketer or want to be one, you need to add digital marketing online to your repertoire. With more and more companies focusing a larger portion of their business to online, the digital marketing space is getting bigger too.

Marketing your company online is a big thing these days. After all, usage has doubled over the past decade. Also, known as digital marketing and advertising, this form of pure marketing has massively affected how people purchase products.

Ultimately this change in usage has influenced how people interact with businesses. Online purchasing means online communication. So, let us dive down into the ocean of digital marketing and find the pearls to learn digital marketing online.

How To Study Digital Marketing Online?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is used to promote businesses, services, and products online.  Digital marketing can include search engine marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, content writing, search engine optimization and more.

All of that is carried out with the help of a search engine, social media, and emails.  It is a way to connect with and influence your potential customers. The major difference in digital marketing is that you do so online.

What’s The Difference Between Digital Marketing And Internet Marketing?

However, some people might mix up digital marketing with marketing. The major difference is that marketing is advertising solely on the internet. Whereas digital marketing takes place through mobile phones, video games, or even via smartphone apps.

There are various ways you can learn digital marketing online. We’ve hand-picked some of the best ways to master digital marketing online.

Google’s Online Marketing Channel

More than 100,000 individuals have participated in Google’s Online Marketing Channel course in the last 8 years. Those individuals belong to 100 different nations.

Google’s course includes 26 various modules to explore like search engine marketing, search advertising, digital marketing, and video tutorials. It is an ideal course for beginners.

The courses are created by Google trainers and are packed with practical exercises and real-world examples. With this learning, you can turn knowledge into actions. It is a  free online digital marketing course with a real-life experience element.

Wordstream’s PPC University

PPC University is a totally free online learning resource created by Wordstream. It is designed to help build PPC and digital marketing skills. Wordstream’s PPC University is an awesome one-stop-shop for learning all the ins and outs of the PPC.

Moreover, PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing is an important skill for digital marketers. With easy-to-browse lessons for both beginners and advanced users, there is something for everyone at PPC University.

You can also have access to a number of webinars to enhance digital marketing education and the best part is everything is mobile-friendly. So, you can learn on the go, whenever you have time.

Digital Marketing Courses by Alison

Alison is an online learning community with standards-based and certified courses offered for free. Alison was founded in 2007 as the first-ever Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) provider.

At present, it has more than 6 million registered users. The platform offers a large number of courses and free diplomas for learners. With an Alison Diploma in E-business, you can successfully build an online marketing strategy and promote your business online.

Similarly, Alison Social Media Marketing Diploma provides you intricate details of social media marketing along with a look into email marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

How To Study Digital Marketing Online?

Why Study Digital Marketing Online

The scope of digital marketing is increasing by leaps and bounds. And if predictions are right, it’s only going to expand in the future.

The new businesses along with the existing ones are highly focusing on digital marketing to boost their productivity. Therefore, recent years have seen a huge growth in the digital marketing trend.

Learn Digital Marketing Online Conclusion

The supply of digital marketing professionals is far less than the need right now. That means you’ve got an opportunity to get in there and learn a much-needed skill set. And salaries in this area can get pretty high if you’re good at what you do.