Deranged mother stabs 10-month-old daughter to death in Quezon City


Deranged Woman Stabs10-Month-Old Baby 13 Times in Quezon City – stock photograph –

A deranged woman, reportedly high on drugs, stabbed her 10-month-old baby girl to death in Quezon City on Friday afternoon.

Neighbours of Piavera Sarmiento said they heard shouting and cursing at 5.30pm on Friday – the commotion was Piavera stabbing her seventh child Aira to death.


Piavera killed her daughter after stabbing her 10 times in the stomach and twice in the lower back. Police say she may have been hallucinating about fighting with a neighbour.

Moments after the house went silent, witnesses said the mother came running outside asking neighbours to help take her baby to hospital.

The child’s father was out gathering scraps and recyclables when his other children told him of the incident.


In an early report, The Star newspaper said she claimed her daughter was already wounded when she arrived home.

The mother will be charged with infanticide and is being detained at Quezon City Police District’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit until further assistance on her drug addiction can be found.

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