Delta Airlines Flights Up to 50% Off – How to Avail

If you want to to the U.S., it is advisable to go with an airline that is based there. One of the trusted carriers that will fly you from the Philippines to the U.S. is Delta Airlines. As the world’s second-largest airline, Delta ensures safe and convenient to the US and other countries.

Delta offers flight routes to Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, and Washington from and to Manila, Kalibo, and Cebu. Though it only offers limited destinations in the Philippines, many people prefer to via Delta Airlines because of its quality service and other benefits.

If you believe flying to the U.S. and other destinations onboard Delta is expensive, think again. By discovering some strategies to get hefty discounts on your fare, you can visit your dream destination in the U.S. and save up to half of the original cost. Read on to be in the know!

Delta Airlines Flights Up to 50% Off - How to Avail

How To Save Money On Delta Airlines Flights

Here are some easy steps to get Delta Airlines flight discounts and promos.

1. Follow Delta’s social media accounts

Most businesses nowadays use social media to announce promos and market their products. Delta is one of them. The airline is active in providing regular promo updates on its Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

2. Attend expo’s and events

Airlines usually offer exclusive discount tickets when they are joining or hosting major travel expo’s & conventions. Now as the travel industry gets even bigger, you can expect more expo’s and conventions to be held in Metro Manila, Cebu and other major urban areas in the Philippines.

3. Subscribe to the Delta newsletter

Newsletters offer a convenient way for companies to feature their exclusive deals and promos. You can sign up to the newsletter by visiting Delta’s website. The newsletters also provide relevant tips and additional information on how to snag cheap flight deals.

4. Visit Delta’s website

The airline regularly posts promos on the Deals and Offers page which can be found on their website. 

5. Search cheap flights on airfare comparison sites

There are many sites that offer an easy way to check and compare airfares from different airlines in one search. Websites like Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, Kayak, and others can do this for Delta Airlines flights. It is advisable to plan your trip at least 4 months before your intended flight date. The further in advance you plan, the better your chances are to find a lower fare.

6. Seek coupons online

You can check websites that offer discount coupons such as Groupon and Ebates. These sites also provide complete travel packages that include accommodation and transfers.

7. Check for the seasonal deals

The airline usually provides deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which usually falls in late November. Just be sure to book your desired flight immediately as the discounted tickets are limited. You can also book your flights during off-peak months (usually January and September) as most airlines cut down their travel fees.

8. Get a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

If you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you can apply for a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card and earn points, which you can later convert into generous travel discounts.

Traveling to the U.S. and other destinations onboard Delta Airlines is now affordable using the methods above. With these tips, you may be fortunate to find Delta Airlines flights for up to 50% off the original price. Happy flight hunting!