Decluttr – Download This App To Buy, Sell, And Organize Your Home


If your surroundings are cluttered so is your brain, but the app can help solve those problems. These days, more people are interested in living a minimalist lifestyle. Because that lifestyle also means a cleansing from the inside out.

If you find your house or your room to be too stuffy or simply littered with too many things, chances are you’re looking for ways to clear your space. With the Decluttr app, you can not only declutter your life, but you can also make money.


The app allows you to sell all those gadgets and things you just don’t need. That way each time you free up more space in a room, you get to add more cash to your wallet. That’s a pretty good incentive we think. Let’s get into more about how this app can help you.

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What is Decluttr?

Decluttr is an app (and a website in one) that promises to give individuals access to extra cash while freeing themselves of gadgets or technology that no longer interest them. Media items such as cellphones, tablets, games, CDs, DVDs, and even books can be sold and re-homed using this app.


Apart from gadgets and media-based items, certain toys such as LEGOs can also be sold via the software.

How Does Decluttr Work?

Before anything else, you’ll need to decide what you want to sell. If you have an expansive DVD collection that’s simply collecting dust in a corner of your house or you have way too many unused gadgets, you might want to sift through those.

To see what else you can sell (or buy), make sure to cross-check these items from other categories available on Decluttr. After picking out items you intend to sell, simply key in the barcode found on your devices or items. If you have downloaded the app, you can easily scan the barcode using this.

Once you have scanned or typed in the barcode, Decluttr will instantly give you a certain value for each item. Normally, the company provides a “Tech Price Promise” where you can get the price first offered by the program or get your item once more should you not agree to their asking price.

After agreeing to their terms and conditions, you’ll be sending in your items to the Decluttr team via their . This contains a free shipping label. Once they have received your items, the company will send out payment the next day.

A Guide to Download and Usage

Available for download both on Android and iOS devices, the Decluttr app download can be accessed by going to the or through the . The app is free for download.

Once installed, click on ‘enter item’ to scan the barcode of the item you wish to sell. Upon scanning, the value of the item will pop up on your screen.

Decluttr - Download This App To Buy, Sell, And Organize Your Home

The Bottom Line

Excited to do a bit of cleaning and decluttering? With the Decluttr app, you can do just that while earning a bit of cash on the side. The cash is just a bonus though, the real reward is having peaceful surroundings, which in turn leads to a peaceful mind space.