DBM: 92.3% of 2020 budget already released by end-June

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) reported Friday it had released 92.3% ( P3.78-trillion) of the P4.10-trillion national budget for 2020 as of June 30.

According to DBM, 92.3% of the budget released from January to June is an improvement compared with the 85.5% of allocations released in the same period last year.

The significant percentage of budget disbursement showed the government’s commitment to continuously allocated funds for different projects and programs despite its ongoing battle against the pandemic, the DBM added.

As of June 30, DBM released 79.8% of allotment to line departments worth P2.08-trillion and include budget allocated for agencies in the Executive branch, Congress, the Judiciary, and other constitutional offices.

A remaining P526.31-billion balance was left for later release.

Meanwhile, DBM released half of the programmed P467.9-billion appropriations for Special Purpose Funds (SPFs) allotments amounting to P234.45-billion.