Duterte insists that Davao City four-island project must not displace residents



The 39 billion peso reclamation project in Davao City has a new proposal that would give four ‘mixed use’ islands off the coast of the city.


The massive coastline project would give Davao the improvements that it needs to enter into the 21st century, while gaining the trust of a major private development firm to oversee the mega undertaking.

Just last month, Davao City signed a joint venture agreement with Mega Harbour Port and Development Inc. saying “There will be no relocation because President Duterte does not want to remove the people in the area.”

“He wants the residents to be part of the development.”


The approval of the deal was one of his last undertakings before handing as Mayor of Davao City.

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Officials say that more than 3,500 families live along the coastline between Barangay Bucana in Sta. Ana District and through the Agdao District. Mega Harbour has been asked to rehabilitate the area with pathways to the houses of those living along the ocean instead of uprooting them and forcing them to leave.

The four island proposal is said to feature a total area of over 214 hectares of land – one island will have an area of 75 hectares between Agdao and Sta. Ana where a five-hectare government center and port will be built.

Another island will have just over 39 hectares and consists of a central business district and a shopping center. A third island will have a total area of approximately 59 hectares and will be used for tourist centers and residential resorts, while the fourth island will consists of just under 41 hectares and have a township development project built on it.

Mega Harbour has voiced their opinions that the project can be completed in three to four years. Originally set to begin in 2019, the delay in documentation has stopped the project from proceeding.

Both the Davao City government and the developer are waiting for consent from the Philippine Reclamation Authority where an environmental clearance certificate will be issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.