Daily COVID-19 Update: 14,840 new cases, 242 new deaths

Daily COVID-19 Update: As of February 13, Hubei province, the new coronavirus’ epicenter, reported 14,840 new cases and 242 new deaths.

The Wuhan coronavirus killed a total of 1,365 and infected 60,161 people across the globe.

44,795 (84%) of the patients are in mild condition, while 8,243 (16%) are in serious or critical condition.

London reported its first case yesterday, who is a Chinese national woman.

Meanwhile, a leading epidemiologist in said the new outbreak would soon slow down.

“I hope this outbreak may be over in something like April,” said Prof. Dr. Nanshan Zhong.

Dr. Zhong was the first to describe SARS coronavirus as the primary pathogen in 2003. He is a Medical Professor of Guangzhou Medical College and was former President of the Chinese Medical Association.

He also said the outbreak’s peak should come in middle or late February, followed by a plateau and decrease, basing the forecast on mathematical modeling, recent events, and government action.

Meanwhile, Prof. Gabriel Leung, an expert on coronavirus epidemics, said COVID-19 infects 60% of the global population if unchecked.

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Daily COVID-19 Update: 14,840 new cases, 242 new deaths

Source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/