Dacera’s camp not convinced that Christine’s death was ‘natural’

Christine Dacera’s family did not want to accept the results of the investigation which revealed that “no homicide” and “natural” was the cause of the flight attendant’s death on New Year’s Day.

In the medicolegal that was made public yesterday, the police have removed the “homicide” angle, which the Dacera family insists on.

But according to a spokesperson for the Dacera family, they do not believe in the result of the report.

“The medicolegal report ni Dr. Palmero is not a medicolegal examination, dahil sa ‘yung bangkay ni Christine eh nalibing na noong January 11. It was buried on January 10 so there was no way he could have examined the body on January 11,” said Roger Reyes, lawyer, and Dacera family spokesman.

“The Dacera family disputes that. They believe that she was spiked with and sexually molested in either (room) 2207 and 2209 and that contributed to her death,” Reyes added.

The police medicolegal report stated that Dacera’s vomiting may have caused high blood pressure that caused the ruptured aneurysm. It is also said that she had an enlarged heart.

Dacera’s camp not convinced that Christine’s death was ‘natural’

According to forensic pathologist Dra. Raquel Fortun, she wonders why the release of the medicolegal report was too late, which was completed on January 11.

Even the lawyer of the respondents wondered at the timing of the publication of the report.

“Your guess is as good as mine. In fact, we were even forced to subpoena this result,” said Mike Santiago, legal counsel of some of the respondents.

According to National Capital Region Police Office chief Maj. Gen. Vicente Danao, there is no cover-up and they have already submitted all the evidence to the fiscal.

Meanwhile, the respondents on ’s case hope that the flight attendant’s mother, Sharon, would finally the peace she’s been wishing for.

In an interview on Thursday, Gregorio Angelo Rafael “Gigo” De Guzman said he and other respondents are trying to understand what Mrs. Dacera is going through, despite the accusations that they were involved in the death of her 23-year-old daughter.

Another respondent, Clark Rapinan, said their reputation was destroyed by the controversial death of Dacera.